Virtual assistant support for busy entrepreneurs

Helping ambitious business owners to grow their brand without the extra hustle.
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I have been a personal assistant for over 23 years, supporting professionals throughout their careers in healthcare, education and business. This has included administration, office management, secretary and Executive PA experience.

Empowering a positive work life balance is key to what I do – for both you and me! In 2017, I became a freelance virtual assistant to spend more time with my two wonderful sons. As an Autism mum, I wanted to be flexible in my approach to work and can now support my amazing clients whilst also being there for my family – something I’ll help you to do too.

Based in London, I work remotely as an Executive VA for entrepreneurs in Essex, Surrey, Kent and the rest of the UK. I also support many clients based overseas, from US coaches to hair and beauty business owners.


Email Management

Hand over your mailbox to allow more time in your day. Emails shall be monitored throughout the day, categorized, placed into relevant folders and actioned where required.

You shall have complete peace of mind that you are no longer bebombarded with junk mail, as well as missing vital opportunities.

Diary Management

When away from your office,who looks after your diary? Never double book yourself again.

Allow me to manage your diary, scheduling in various items from board meetings to routine dental appointments. Plans change all the time, it is good to have somebody available to handle these tasks, to save you time.


No time to type up your handwritten notes or the audio notes? I offer a transcription service which will have your correspondence drafted up in no time.

All that you have to do is hand over the files, and I will take care of the rest.

Project Management

If you have a project which needs managing, allow me to step in and assist. I can liaise with all parties involved, plan the project, manage the to-do-list from start to finish and oversee things where required.

I can have as much or as little input as you wish.

Travel Arrangements

Whether you travel frequently or not, I can arrange anything from rail to aviation. All you need to do is provide the brief including budget, I will go away and piece it all together for you.

I am also able to coordinate bespoke packages for travel whether it be right here in the UK or overseas.

Database Management

Do you have files all over the place, wanting everything in one place? We can look at a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) which is suitable for your business, I can then add all data into one, accessible space.

If you would like to keep things simple and already have your systems in place, I am happy to add data to those systems, so everything is streamlined and easy to locate.

Concierge Service

Life is non-stop, sometimes you just need that extra support. I am available to assist you in your day to day life.

Supporting you with a wide range of things including gift buying, family holidays, restaurants and experiences.

Sit back and relax, while I take the stress out of your day and give you peace of mind.

Social Media

Setting up a range of social media handles, including Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

I can also manage your accounts including engaging with your audience, providing images, contents and hashtags.

Management of social media handle(s) is a separate fee.

Research Service

I can research, collate and gather data on a specific topic of your choice.

All you need to do is specify the amount of time you wish to be spent on this, I will then go away and present to you the information when ready.

Gift Vouchers

Why not give the gift of time, to somebody that could do with a break.

1 hour – £30.00
2 hours – £60.00
3 hours – £80.00
4 hours – £100.00

Drop me a line to purchase.

Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

Gifts vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Valid for 1 year from date of purchase.


Virtual assistant prices and packages

Every business is different. And the support you need will be different too. I offer both monthly retainers and ad-hoc packages, flexible to your individual needs. So whether you require one-off assistance or ongoing virtual services, I’m here to help your company grow.

Executive VA monthly packages

Guaranteed support every month with a fixed amount of hours. Custom virtual assistant retainer agreements are also available. Get in touch [link to contact page] to set up a free discovery call and discuss your needs today.


Ad hoc Service

£30.00 per hour


Platinum Service

40 hours per month £1,040.00


Gold Service

30 hours per month £810.00


Silver Service

20 hours per month £560.00


Bronze Service

10 hours per month £290.00


Project Service

Rates available upon discussion


“Format services helped to develop my social media platforms and increase my clientele. Nadene also helped to educate me about the layout of my CV, as well as supporting evidence which helped me to find my dream location for my new teaching job.”
LE - Education

“The professional and speedy way in which work was undertaken, was just what I required. Nadene is a great communicator and I have no intention of working without her, for years to come!”
MM - Child Services

“Nadene was easy to talk to and takes her time to research and look at all areas of my industry. Nadene enabled me to achieve the best results. Her ‘can do’ approach is so encouraging. Format services makes life easier, and will help to free up some of your time by helping with time management.”
CC - Hair & Beauty Industry

“Working the way I do, there was never a time where I could sit down and take care of my admin which is why I requested Nadene’s support. Thank you so much for sorting out my life.”
LM - Transport Services

“I didn’t think I needed a VA, I just thought I needed more time. I met and expressed my lack of time in the day to Nadene. Nadene made me realise it wasn’t more time I needed, it was increased organisation.

Nadene stepped in and made it all possible. Great, professional and speedy service. Thank-you”

LME - Hair & Beauty Industry


What are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant?

There are many benefits to hiring a virtual assistant online. More time, less stress and a reduced workload are only the beginning. As a VA is not a full-time member of staff, you can reap the benefits of a personal assistant without the costly overheads:

  • There are no agency/recruitment fees to pay
  • You don’t have to pay sick leave, a pension, NI or holiday pay
  • No computer/laptop equipment to provide
  • You will only be billed for the time worked
  • No need for training costs or software licences
What tasks can you assist me with?

During our initial discovery call, we can look at the tasks which you do on a day-to-day basis, within your business. This will include the jobs you like, dislike, can’t do and simply don’t have time for. We’ll generate a list of tasks that can be outsourced and decide which ones you’re happy to hand over. Take a look at my Virtual Assistant Services [link to page] to see a full range of tasks I can help you with.

How do you communicate with clients?

I always recommend having a weekly catch-up with clients. This helps to maintain a good working relationship, set to-do lists and check on progress, encouraging accountability for both parties. Communication will depend on how you wish to be contacted. My preferred form of contact is via email but in urgent cases, we can chat on a phone or video call.

How do you track and bill your time?

I use a professional time tracking system when completing tasks. When a client is billed, the time report will be sent with the invoice for transparency. This will also give clients an idea of how long particular tasks can take. Billing is done in 15-minute increments so you’ll never be charged for time not worked.

Am I locked into working with you long term?

Your monthly retainer agreement requires a minimum of X month’s commitment to get started. Should you wish to stop working together, I require a notice period of 30 days to terminate our contract.

How can we build a working relationship?
I always recommend havinga weeklycatch-up with clients. This helps to maintain a good working relationship, set to do lists and check on progress. This encourages accountability for both parties.
Are there any hidden costs?
If it appears that you are reaching your allocated hours booked, I will drop you a line to let you know. You can then make the decision whether to pay for additionaltime or not. The additional costs which are not included in your package are petrol, stationery, postage, printing, paper and ink.
How can we build a working relationship?
I always recommend having a weekly catch-up with clients. This helps to maintain a good working relationship, set to do lists and check on progress. This encourages accountability for both parties.
How do you communicate with clients?
Communication will depend on how clients wish to be contacted. The preferred form of contact is via email. In more urgent cases, a phone/video call will be sufficed.


Got a question?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how I can help, pop me a message and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


11 Merlins Court, 30 Margery Street, London WC1X 0JG

Phone Number

(+44) 7474 853 701