The Benefits of Outsourcing 

I bet you’ve been wondering if outsourcing to a virtual assistant is a good idea, haven’t you? You are wondering if it’s going to be worth the investment and just how much time you will have freed up by hiring somebody?

Time is money, and your time is precious. Outsourcing can certainly save you time and I will go over the benefits of outsourcing your workload to a Virtual Assistant. This will involve showing you the value of this option, even if you do have much of a budget for their services.   

On one hand, I have come across many potential clients who have turned their nose up at having a Virtual Assistant, many have said ‘I can do that myself, ‘automation does that’ and my favourite ‘I don’t have the budget for one yet’.  On the other hand, I have come across clients who have hired me hesitantly, because previous support has not worked out as they had envisioned, because the quality of work has been poor or deadlines have been missed etc.   

I will always enter a new working relationship as transparent as possible. I am not a techy VA so I won’t be drumming up an all-singing, all-dancing website or dissecting your analytics because I can’t. I don’t want to sell dreams that I can do X, Y, Z and then not deliver. The best form of advertising is word of mouth, and my reputation is important to me.  

I want to share a couple of reasons why outsourcing your work is beneficial to any small business owner.

Save Time  

Virtual Assistants can save you time, a lot of time. Business owners can outsource several tasks which will enable you to put your time and energy elsewhere within the business. If you are ‘time poor’, outsourcing your diary for instance will work wonders for you. The time you save, you can put that into scaling the business with new ideas, strategies and executing them one by one.

Save Money

A Virtual Assistant is not a full-time member of staff, you can reap the benefits of an assistant without the costly overheads. The list below outlines where you can save:

  • There are no agency/recruitment fees to pay
  • You don’t have to pay sick leave, a pension, NI or holiday pay
  • No computer/laptop equipment to provide
  • You will only be billed for hours booked
  • No need for training costs or software licences

Sounding board 

Entrepreneurs will often, start alone and building alone can feel like a lonely place. Delegating bits and pieces that are not your strengths will propel you forward faster. A VA will have the right skill set for your needs and having somebody on hand that you can bounce ideas off can be helpful. Your VA will be able to take on any task and do it effectively with very little or no support from you.

Your VA can also support business growth by recommending and/or implementing new processes, that may be beneficial to your business. That extra pair of hands is worth its weight in gold.

Reduce Stress

Trying to juggle multiple projects on your own will lead to you feeling stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed and unwell. You cannot afford to take time off, because it’s just you steering the ship. Offload those troublesome tasks that you can outsource to your VA and they will handle them with ease. Remember your VA comes armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge, relax and let go. Just imagine being able to find that harmony with running your profitable business and family life.

If you have made it this far it’s clear that if you are a fed-up business owner, outsourcing can save you both time and money. The benefits are worth investing in, how many hours can a Virtual Assistant save you a week?

When you look at the goals you want to reach for your business, it becomes clearer that a Virtual Assistant should be on your list no matter where you are in your business journey. Most Virtual Assistants work on retainers, whereby you choose how many hours you would like for them to be available just for you every month. Otherwise, if you would like to work on an ad hoc basis, that is also possible. The possibilities are endless and there is a package to suit every entrepreneur. You can check out my rates via the website and book a call if you are ready to outsource. You will not regret it.