Small Business Owners: How To Be More Resilient

Small business owners are under incredible pressure to perform. This type of pressure comes with high expectations and is also often affected by many external influences. In the startup world, we call this resilience.

When small business owners find themselves outside their comfort zone, they’ll experience unfamiliar and unpredictable situations. This leads to your resiliency being pushed to the max, and it can often feel like you’re ready to give up. Small business owners are under incredible pressure to perform well and offer a fantastic service/product(s). This pressure can come with lots of high expectations and is often affected by external factors.

There are so many twists and turns as an entrepreneur, there are so many to face head-on. One of the keys to starting your own small business is building upon your resilience, some people are more resilient than others and the bounce back may happen a lot sooner for some, don’t let this deter you.

I recently celebrated my 5th year work anniversary and am really grateful to be celebrating another year in my business. I built Format Services from the ground up and believe me, the struggle has been extremely real. I have networked my butt off and have found although I feel I am a people person, I cannot think of anything worse than talking about myself and find it really difficult. As they say though, how will people know about what I have to offer if I don’t talk about it… here I am!

Back to building resilience though, I myself have learned to build up my resilience over time. Very early on in my freelancing role, not many people had heard of Virtual Assistants and alot of people declined my services even though we both knew that they needed some support in one way or another. The no felt like a stab to the heart every single time. I took it personally when I know I shouldn’t have but it still felt like a personal attack on me, Nadene. In fact, the naysayers put me in good stead because my tribe have found me, those that require what you are offering will come so make a mental note of that.

These tips will help you build resilience:

Develop a positive outlook

Not everything that goes wrong will stay wrong. What positives can you take from the mishap? Is there anything that could have been done differently? If so, make a note of this and look at how you will make it work the next time round. Some things are blessings and are sent to teach us something. Also, own any mistakes, sometimes you have to take an L and do better next time. Try and take the lesson from it!

Change how you respond to situations

You can react, of course, you can but try to react in a way that does not escalate the entire situation. Whether you are a service-based business or product-based business, you have an audience to serve. For me if something goes wrong, it is how I rectify what went wrong as opposed to the issue itself that my clients are often interested in, you should be the same. Customer service is super important so don’t bury your head in the sand, deal with it. If you need time to work on a solution, keep all parties involved AND plan to rectify the situation in good time.

Embrace change

Things change and times change, what may have worked when you were getting started may not work right now. Think creatively about how you can progress, look at your competitors and those that inspire you. Remember it does not always have to be in the same industry as you. Lots can be transferable from business to business. The model might be different but the systems will give the same results.

Be kind to you

Have patience with yourself. Running a small business, the entrepreneur in you wants to take over the world immediately and that’s fine to have that mindset BUT be kind to you. Encourage your mind that you will succeed over time. Rome was not built in a day and you want to build a strong, sustainable business that will grow steadily and be profitable over time.

It’s normal for business owners to worry about their businesses, but as long as you can keep yourself from letting that worry cripple you and your business, there are steps you can take to make sure that your business is able to recover from a disaster—and even grow stronger because of it. All the above are tips that I picked up along the way and have to remind myself I am still very much here, thriving and happy. You can do just that step by step.

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