I am not qualified, but I am qualified!

I am not qualified but I am qualified, read that again!

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “I am qualified for that job, but I’m not qualified.” Or maybe you’ve said it! In any case, there is actually a difference.

Gone are the days when you have to physically have a qualification in certain industries just to secure a role. Nowadays there are so many individuals who are bored and set up on their own, with fire in their belly to succeed. Businesses are either created to make quick money OR a solution to a problem – I would say set up with the latter in mind.

Now there are many courses and programmes for Virtual Assistants, it is usually training you in terms of what you need in terms of setting up, insurances, pitching etc. but there is no accreditation or qualification in the industry. That does not mean you cannot build a very successful business for yourself.

Although I don’t have a degree or any special training, my experience and character carry me through. So how did it all begin?

Over 20 years ago, I embarked on my first office job providing admin for a lift company. As a self-obsessed organiser, it worked well for me. I probably spent a majority of the time on the phone calling my friends but I also spent a lot of the time speaking to people who had got stuck in a lift for the 100th time over a two-week period. I am a people person so once the call-out was logged, I would catch up with the trapped person talking about any and everything, just for them to feel safe and listened to.

Every job I have ever had always involved some sort of client-facing or customer service which I absolutely loved. OK, not every interaction was a positive one BUT my main focus was always finding a solution. Once resolved, where is the lesson in that?

A run-down of my roles included:

  • Office Junior
  • Lettings Secretary
  • Medical PA
  • Team PA
  • Client Care Coordinator
  • Senior Tutor
  • Student Services Officer
  • Principal PA
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Team Leader

With each role, I made sure I learned a new skill or a combination which I could take with me to the next role. My moves were never planned but when I felt it was time, I was very intentional with what I wanted to achieve, earn and location were also important once I had my children.

Thinking back now, I was always happy to step out of my comfort zone but feel as I get older, I prefer to stay within the confinements of what I know which is probably hindering my growth (I am deffo working on eradicating those thoughts).

With that being said, I am qualified in all the services which I provide because I have spent years nurturing my craft and am good at it.

I don’t and will never promote what I don’t know because it will never end well for me and my client. Instead, I will point my clients in the directions of those that I know can or systems which will work for their businesses.

Remember that you are qualified! You’ve worked hard, and you’ve perfected your craft and are pretty awesome at your job, despite not having a letter next to your name. You deserve the respect.

Through experience, I definitely qualify for the projects I take on and I encourage you to have the same beliefs. Stand in your greatness and you will always win. You will not be for everyone and that’s absolutely fine.

What is for you, will never pass you by!