How to Hack Mindfulness & Be Present at Work

Constantly on the go? Meeting after meeting can really be a struggle. Constantly putting on a brave face when all you want to do is take some time out for yourself. Monday 17th January was Blue Monday; it has been defined as:

A Monday that is depressing or trying especially because of the return to work, and routine after a weekend.

Every year the third Monday of January has been called ‘Blue Monday’. Word on the street is that this time of the year most of our new year’s resolutions have been forgotten, it’s super cold outdoors and we are all finding it hard to get back into good habits and/or work mode.

Do you practice mindfulness? I have had a think about it and I practice mindfulness very little. I find it so difficult to be present and focus on one item at a time. For example, I am currently typing this blog post and believe me I am thinking about so many other things like what to feed the children later, or what items I will collect on my next IKEA trip – random I know.

This just goes to show how fast-paced our lives are, I work with several entrepreneurs operating very different businesses, so my day is extremely varied, which I love by the way.

So, what are those mindfulness hacks you speak of Nadene? I believe these three will be great to try out.

Be present

While you’re working, be consciously present in what you are doing in that very moment, if you feel your mind wandering, pull it back and take a moment to refocus your energy to the task at hand. What you focus on, grows.

If you feel that your mind is constantly wandering, take a break. Return to your laptop/computer when you are refreshed, taken a toilet break and had a drink of your choice.

Celebrate ALL of your wins. No matter how big or small. Once we hit a milestone or goal, happiness is very short-lived because we are keen to move on to the next achievement. Sit in it and breathe. Think about the happiness your heart is feeling at that moment. All the feels, please!

Practice Gratitude

It is always easier for us to focus on negativity. Why do we do it to ourselves?

There is evidence out there that practising gratitude has that feel-good factor. Practising gratitude not only makes us feel better but can also enhance working relationships and the quality of work that we produce. As an entrepreneur, being a one-man band is stressful enough and trying harder to focus on the good, will make running the business a more enjoyable experience.


Meditation does not have to last very long; it’s good practice to implement meditation into your daily routine (if you can). You can do this sitting at your desk if easier for you, some people meditate first thing in the morning.

Take just 5 minutes to follow your breath, this can help you to feel more connected for the day ahead.

Be kind to yourself

As Tony Robbins said ‘where focus goes, energy flows’. With that being said, we must be kinder to ourselves. Having good thoughts is good for the soul, it promotes confidence and more.

Talk to yourself kindly and say things that you would say to your best friend, a friend that you love. How you treat yourself will show others how to treat you.

I am going to make more of a conscious effort to practice mindfulness this year and beyond, what about you?