How My Business Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Business

It was my dream that I could support busy entrepreneurs with skills that are transferable between industries. I knew lots of people running their own businesses overwhelmed, underpaid and practically smiling through the stress of being a start-up. You know within your heart what you are setting out to do, but somehow it is proving really hard to execute various bits, whether it be responding to new opportunities coming in or returning calls/emails to clients.

You have a lot on your plate. It was likely an intentional decision to start your own business — more control, more flexibility, and a better work-life balance. Time is money and here’s why I know my business can have a positive impact on your business.

Show professionalism

No matter what industry you are in, you will require some back-office support. You could be a labourer or a coach, you definitely need somebody or a team to look after the bits that you love. I have learned from many clients that they really want to showcase that they have a team or even a personal assistant that will look after a lot of the day-to-day running of the business. This gives your audience the perception that your team is growing nicely, and customer service is at the top of your list. You can automate many things such as an autoresponder, how nice is it to actually receive a message from a lovely human acknowledging your call/email along with finding a solution for your enquiry.

Virtual Assistants know how to manage their time well, which in turn will benefit you too  

I have always been a fantastic organiser and know what works. The beauty of hiring a VA is that they will help you to manage your time better too. Your VA can usually do this with their eyes closed. Let’s look at meetings, for example, your VA should be able to glance at your diary and book calls/meetings where they make sense. Your diary should never be crammed full of meetings in one day, it is not fair on you or your clients. Every client’s needs are different, and you also need time for things like travel, water breaks, and lunch etc., your VA should be able to do this seamlessly. This might take a while to get used to somebody else managing your time, but just think of the time and brain power that has been saved.

Focus on your strengths

There is no shame in your game, focus on what you are good at. I love working with all of my clients and will also try and show them what I do with their systems or if one has been created, how it works. It is important to have an understanding even if basic, of what goes on within your business.

My clients are either solopreneurs or are currently running small teams, it is good to know what happens behind the scenes. Even a basic understanding of where in the google drive documents live can be helpful. Outsourcing the bits that you hate is not a problem, see it as an investment within your business. There is somebody out there who can do what you are not so keen on, there are people out there who LOVE exactly what you HATE, there is no issue with that. Keep the wheels turning by investing in what you need.

More time for you/family

Take back your time. Starting up is never a 9-5 and even when fully established, you are still working all hours to stay on top of things. To begin with, the finances may not be there completely but do invest in support as soon as you can. Just because you are a one-man band (now) does not mean that you have to wait to be thriving. Hiring me will free up your time to spend quality time with loved ones or just take time out for yourself. Remember your ‘why’ and find the balance with it all.

Virtual Assistants are magical, a godsend and a gamechanger. I cannot offer any scientific evidence for this; however, my clients have definitely increased income and grown their business, as a direct result of hiring me as their right hand.

Don’t believe me, book a call with me and let’s get to work.