Free Up Your Time With These 5 Outsourceable Tasks

If you’re an entrepreneur or bootstrapping your startup idea, it may seem that there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Anything you can outsource will help free up your time and allow you to focus on the parts of your business that only you can handle. Let me show you five ways you can outsource tasks, so you can have more time for yourself and grow your business.

Email Management

If you have been reading my blogs for a couple of weeks, I have spoken about how to manage your inbox and avoid overwhelm. If you are a small business owner, start-up or even if you have been running for a while and feel that you have everything under control, there is always one thing that my clients tend to want to get rid of straight away. It is usually the emails.

You open up your mailbox at the beginning of the day with loads of unread emails and you end the day with the same. Although your autoresponder acknowledges every email that comes in, sometimes you may miss responding within the 48 hours that you promised.

I manage a number of mailboxes on behalf of my clients. It could be as little as checking in once/twice a day or it could be consistently responding to what comes in on a daily basis. How nice is it for your customers to receive a tailored response within 24 hours? I know I feel great when I get a speedy response once, I have hit send. You could also create email template responses for your VA to use, these can be tweaked but your tone, sound etc are infused in each.

Diary Management

Outsource your diary to ensure your days run smoothly. Everyone is busy so having back-to-back meetings will eventually catch up with you physically and mentally. Double booking yourself can put clients off so it is advisable to have another pair of eyes to review your calendar and slot in meetings where they will work.

Blocking time for travel is a great tip, getting across London in rush hour traffic is an extreme sport at times. Another great tip to outsourcing is that your VA can give you a buffer where you will have time before and after a meeting, whether it be 10 minutes for a water break or even 30 minutes to record voice notes to your VA to type up meeting notes later on, you run the day, or the day will run you!

I will pencil in a regular client meeting to have a glance at calendars for the week ahead to just ensure that everything is where it should be, and my clients have everything that they need. This extends to even making travel arrangements. This includes booking taxis, train tickets etc.


 Research can be really time-consuming. This can often spiral down a rabbit hole as the internet churns out so much information for us to process.

Outsourcing this task will allow you to continue growing your business and know that information will be on its way to you, in whatever format you choose.

It’s advisable to provide a brief if possible, which should include:

  • Clear instructions on what you need
  • Any examples you may have
  • Ideas of what it looks like for you
  • How you would like the information presented to you
  • Given the opportunity for any questions to be asked/answered

Remember although the instructions may make sense to you, they may not make sense to somebody else. To get the most out of the support you have, work together to get the best outcome and be available to answer any queries.

Website updates

You might want to outsource to somebody that just does tech support, although there any many VA’s that can do a variety of tasks including tech. Things like uploading videos, blogs, podcasts, website tweaks, tutorials etc. can be really time-consuming so this is something that you will probably spend doing during an evening or the weekend. This then takes you away from having time for yourself or your family/friends.

Creating short how-to videos can work just as well, as you can stop/start as much as you like. Your VA will be able to familiarise themselves with the correct format, steps to take and your how-to videos can be used time and time again, especially if your support moves on or you take on more support.

Social Media

This is a very popular one. Although I was offering this service years ago when I started out, I thought I had to offer what everyone else was offering. I no longer offer this as I decided to only offer what I actually love doing!

There are many apps where you can batch your content and schedule it all out across different platforms but having someone manage your account to target your ideal audience, interact with your tribe and nurture potential working relationships is invaluable. You simply don’t have the time, as much as it is on your daily to-do list, you cannot do it all. You can grab a social media manager who specializes in just that.

So, have a think about the bits that you would rather be taken off your hands immediately. I have listed a few but there is so much more Virtual Assistants can do for you, the list is absolutely endless. It is all about the customer experience, you would like to retain and gain new business all the time. Look around and see what areas you can improve on and areas that you could definitely do with some extra support. If you want to see how I can help you, book a call with me.