4 Tips To Improve Your Productivity

4 Tips To Improve Your Productivity

Sometimes it’s just too hard to get started or you get stuck in overwhelm mode. You know you need to do something, but you don’t know what it is, you just can’t get anything done.

It is time to take back control of your time. With the right tools, you can be a productivity pro in no time. Here are my top tips to help you ‘optimize’ your productivity for better focus, less stress and increase your profits.

My top tips are:

Look at your week ahead

Write a summary of everything that is happening in your week. It can be bullet points or a couple of lines, don’t stress too much but do have an idea of what your week looks like.

If you use a booking tool on your website or social media handles, your availability is all up to date (and saved). You do not want to be caught out sitting in the dentist chair, while a potential client is waiting for you to jump on Zoom.

Diary Management

You will have use of a diary whether it is a paper diary or an electronic one. I use both but prefer my paper diary. Cross-reference the two, to ensure they mirror each other. This will stop any items from clashing. If something is cancelled, update both.

Checking on your availability is good to do but don’t just check what you have booked in, look at exactly what you will be doing at those times. In between these meetings, what else could you be doing? Working for yourself means you have a lot to remember.

Create a to-do list

Your to-do list is the flow of the business in your life. I will always do this the day before so I’m clear when I get to my desk the next morning, I am already a step ahead. Studies show we tend to do approximately 3 hours of deep, focused work a day. You could also focus on the most important tasks first. There is no better feeling than ticking off completed tasks.

Turn off notifications

As a rule of thumb, I check and respond to emails twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This helps me to stay focused on tasks rather than dipping in and out of my mailbox. Place your phone on silent or put it in another room. Create a distraction-free work environment.

If you are looking for some productivity tools, here are the ones I’ve tried and tested myself:

My top one is Asana. I am a Certified Asana Pro and always recommend this tool, it also integrates with many other apps which you may use within your own business.

Asana is your task management tool to manage all your work projects. Check off, organise, assign, and get things done.

Following closely behind:

  • Trello
  • Evernote
  • Slack

These tips are bound to put a spring into your productivity step.

There are of course many more ways to manage your time and help you to work more productively. Find what works for you. You can do it!


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