3 Things That You Can Ask Your Virtual Assistant To Do

Get it done! After a while, you are geared towards getting the job done 100% but over time, you will be looking at ways to work smarter and not harder.  

You have enlisted in the support of a Virtual Assistant so that’s step one to reducing your own workload, increasing your revenue, and growing your business organically. You will have agreed as to what you wanted to outsource, and have your newly hired Virtual Assistant do, he/she is saving you time plus relieving any stress.   

Virtual Assistants have the skillset to do so many different things on your list and they are not just limited to checking emails, answering calls, and delivering great customer service…. BUT what if your Virtual Assistant could do so much more for you?  

Let’s dig in and see what other things you could request for your VA to get involved in. Here are three ideas for you. 

Schedule your personal life  

Getting medical appointments in such as GP or dental appointments can be a drain on your time, as you must sit in a queue on the phone and be drowning in hold music, only to be told that there are no available appointments for the next month or so. Annoyingly, this happens so often that you end up not bothering. Request your VA to do this on your behalf, provide all the information such as your full name and DOB so that they can take care of the rest. 

Promised the family a summer holiday, yet still, nothing in the diary because you don’t have the time to pay the amount due and book transport etc? Another one that you can hand over. Be sure to provide a brief and what you need. If you are concerned about your VA having all your financial information, set up an account with LastPass where you can store passwords and card information, this will autofill fields when your VA heads to the site. Remember you may need to authenticate the transaction, so be on hand to authorize any payments.  

Special occasion coming up, forgotten to grab a gift? Have your VA head out to source the gift and/or have flowers delivered. I can already see you smiling inside because you know all those things have been taken care of and you have not had to lift a finger!  

Act as the first point of contact  

Just because a VA is virtual, this does not mean that your support cannot be the first point of contact for your customers. My clients trust me enough to be at the forefront of their businesses. They have got into good habits of directing all enquiries to me personally and I then deal with their enquiries. Of course, your VA may not have all the answers but creating a quick troubleshooting document of all frequent questions, will help them to run the customer service side of things with ease.  

Create an email called hello@ customercare@ or a similar email address, your VA can manage this on behalf of the business. This is also helpful should your VA ever move on. Alternatively, more than one person can have access to the mailbox for ease. This is extremely helpful if you have a product-based business, all suppliers etc. can communicate through this account.   

Keep track of your finances  

When I say keeping track of your finances, this does not mean monitoring how much you have spent on lunch or entertainment. What I mean by this is making sure that all payments are being made in good time. Your Virtual Assistant can also chase any outstanding invoices that you may have. Most accounting software offers automated reminders but having a physical person making calls on your behalf gives you more credibility as a business.  

Your Virtual Assistant can also ensure that all receipts are scanned and filed appropriately, so when the taxes are due to be filed, there is no running around to locate receipts/invoices which have gone astray.  

As an Executive Virtual Assistant, I know the value I bring to entrepreneurs and more. Our skills are transferable, so we are not tied to one industry unless we choose to be. Of course, there are traditional VAs, VAs who deal with tech and creative VAs. Each one of us may have the same title but the world is big enough for us all to have a slice of the pie.  

So, there you have it, some more ideas that you can ask your VA to do for you. There are plenty more but don’t want to overwhelm you. Finding a great Virtual Assistant is not impossible and if they are already capable of what you have tasked them with, don’t be afraid to ask them to take on more. If he/she already enjoys their work, your Virtual Assistant will always be happy to accommodate more requests from you, should they have the capacity and knowledge.  

Let me know how you get on!