3 Awesome Programmes That You Can Use Straight Away For Your Business

Running your small business is your favourite thing to do right? Although you feel that you could be spending lots more time servicing your clients and selling your products.  

It is important to keep all your ducks in a row, juggling all those balls and maintaining that ‘can do’ attitude as your team will look to you for any final decisions, and if you don’t have a team (yet), then you will be wearing all the hats and also be the sounding board for your own advice.  

There are so many different tools that you hear buzzing around your industry, and you have no clue what to go for and what will work for you. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth, especially when it comes to finding a solution that can fit your business.  

Lots of tools out there come with a price tag, don’t purchase a subscription because it feels like you should, most will have a free trial so go ahead and sign up for a trial before fully committing. Set yourself a diary note to review after 5 days so that you don’t get caught after the 7 days and be fully charged for a monthly/yearly subscription. I have been caught out many times.  

There are 3 brilliant programmes that I just could not live without, they are:  


Canva is an extremely popular graphic design platform in which you can design all your branded content and marketing materials. Canva has ready-made templates available to suit your business. The graphic design tool allows you to design anything from social media posts toe-books.  

With the free version, many just use this version as it does all that they need.  

Canva Pro is the paid version and with this, you can do that bit more with the ability for you to upload your own fonts and you also get lots more and access to more free photos and other elements. With the pro version, you can also upload your company logo to create a brand palette.  


Dubsado is a business management tool where you can automate it all. From booking appointments with you to sending agreements, questionnaires, invoices etc. You can fully manage a project within Dubsado and more.  

You can use Dubsado for free for the first three clients, and then you incur charges. What you can do is use Dubsado for the free period to navigate your way around it, and familiarise yourself with the platform to see if you wish to continue using it with the price tag attached.

Everyone wants to work smarter so Dubsado may well be an option for you. They do say Dubsado is for everyone, As an Executive Assistant, it has worked for me and hopefully long-term it continues to do so. The best thing I like about Dubsado is it keeps a tab on all my warm leads and can help convert them into clients by allowing me to continue nurturing relationships.

If you are a Coach, Virtual Assistant, Photographer, Event Organiser and many more – this may be for you.  


Whether you are a team of one or a team of 10+, Asana is my number one choice for a project management tool. If you are a sole trader, you can create your own daily to-do lists, projects and more. Keeping conversations in one place will make things so much easier, rather than continually switching tabs to find old conversations in your inbox.  

With Asana, you can create multiple projects and only include those that are working on specific projects. There is an option to include milestones so everyone can stay on track. Checklists can be completed every step of the way.  

Asana can also integrate with so many other apps including Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, OneDrive and more which makes tracking the workload even smoother for yourself and/or your team. 

These tools will enable you to work smarter, not harder. The right tools for the job make things so much easier and put the control fully in your hands. I would say that these are all so useful. The trick will be to familiarise yourself with their features and use them for the best possible results within your business.  

If you wish to discuss how I can support you with any of the above tools, get in touch today.